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Do you hesitate to book a wedding filmmaker ? Here are some articles on the topic to help you to make the right choices and to see the differences between an amateur and a professional. You can contact us sending an email if you have any questions about the wedding video.

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What is a good wedding videographer ?

A nice memory, feeling the sweet chills of emotions after the wedding, listening again to the sweet words exchanged during the ceremony. Why don't you think about making a video of your wedding? To find the talented videographer who will make the little film of your wedding, remember the precious advice of Sylvain Baratte, professional videographer.

Making a video report of her wedding, a good idea ?

The wedding video allows you to relive this exceptional and emotional day. It also allows the bride and groom to discover different small moments that they could not see so much this day passes at a crazy speed, as much details about the different places of their wedding as about the little moments spent between the guests. And above all, it keeps a vivid and unforgettable memory of their wedding !

What's the difference with a photo report ?

The photo captures the present moments, the video allows to relive these moments with their atmosphere. Photo reporting and video reporting are both important. They complement each other. Although we have the same eye, the photographer and videographer will each give their vision of the wedding, and you will have twice as many memories!

What are the criteria for recruiting a wedding videographer ?

As with the choice of a photographer, the bride and groom must check whether the style of the videographer corresponds to their expectations: the way they film and the way they highlight the images in the final film. The videographer must remain discreet while capturing the most important moments and emotions. Personally, I work on the spot and I don't do staging to keep everything natural about marriage and so that the bride and groom can enjoy the wedding 100% without having someone on their back all the time.

How do you know it has the right equipment ?

I think the bride and groom can't judge the videographer on his equipment because they don't necessarily know much about it. The style of the video will follow with the material. A shoulder camera will give more of a reporting style and will be less discreet, while an HD camera (DSLR reflex) will give a more artistic and cinematic style. As a result, it's bound to be more discreet. To give you an example, I use a reflex camera with different lenses mounted on a monopod to get more stability and to avoid trembling images. I also use a small travelling rail to make fluid images and give them value. But having a duplicate SLR or camera is essential to avoid being unable to film because of a breakdown !

Meet her wedding videographer upstream ?

Yes, yes and yes again! A meeting with the bride and groom is essential so that they can judge whether the videographer corresponds to their expectations and see if the feeling goes well. This is very important because the videographer enters into the lives of the bride and groom, in their privacy. A first meeting allows them to explain the various details on how to work. The professional will then make them discover his work (video, DVD, pocket, box set) as well as the various packages and prices. This first meeting also allows you to answer their questions and listen to their expectations. Following this, and after signing the contract, it is better to meet again, a few weeks before D-Day to discuss the course of the wedding (places, times, events .).

What does a good videographer offer the bride and groom ?

He makes them feel better. He must know how to be discreet during the marriage and seek to recover the emotion of their marriage in the video and also the quality of the work. The videographer can offer to film a part of the wedding or the complete reception. This will then be mounted on DVD, USB drive or internet link. The ideal is to favor the complete wedding to transcribe at best this unforgettable day.

What are the average rates for making a wedding video ?

In general the prices can range from 1500 to 3000 euros depending on the contents of the packages, depending on the regions, also depending on whether the videographer works alone or in a team. I will give as average price about 2000 euros, but everything depends on the videographer and his work.

What is a good wedding video ?

A good wedding video is succeeding in translating into images all the emotions experienced on D-Day. It is not a promotional film, very few effects or very discrete effects as this could make the film a little too "kitsch" very quickly. Everything is based on the shooting and the taking of sound. The videographer must know how to work on depth of field (difference of blur and sharpness in the foreground and second plane) and on the colorimetry of the image to give it a soft and artistic aspect and also on the music that gives all the emotion to the film.

Besides the wedding video, what's the purpose of the videographer ?

He can film your Save The Date! The save the date is actually the do-part that can be realized in any place following the request of the couple and that allows to make a small film of a few minutes with a staging to announce in a funny way the date of your wedding. You can also make a teaser to make your thanks. The latter can take place at the home of the bride and groom, face camera where they talk about their D-day while thanking their guests. Then, we can make a short film of a few minutes including, in the form of flash back, images of the wedding.

Source : Sylvain B - vidéaste
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