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Do you hesitate to book a wedding filmmaker ? Here are some articles on the topic to help you to make the right choices and to see the differences between an amateur and a professional. You can contact us sending an email if you have any questions about the wedding video.

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Wedding video, why is it so expensive ?

Making professional wedding videos is a demanding passion, not a hobby. It may therefore sometimes seem too onerous for some couples. However, here is all that must be taken into account in the price of a professional wedding cameraman:

Skills, experience, know-how

To make a film, it is not enough to press the red button of the camera. Making a quality film takes about 60 hours of work.

First of all, upstream, a whole work of elaboration of a workflow taking into account all the stages of production from filming to editing is necessary, This requires a perfect knowledge of the cameras used and the processing of their files at the time of post-production.

The filming of a wedding video also requires a great reactivity at every moment, in order not to miss any gesture, no look, no emotion. It is necessary to be constantly on the lookout, a high concentration at all times, and a spontaneous creativity that only a technical mastery in the smallest details does not hinder.

Editing also requires a high degree of mastery of the best professional software as well as a sense of rhythm and narration. Furthermore, the wedding video is not delivered in a crude manner. On the contrary, to obtain a personal image style – a "look"-, the color correction or calibration must take place precisely and plane by plane, as for a movie, and not through automatic filters downloaded from the internet. The search for music in harmony with the emotions present in the image also requires time.

Responsiveness, reliability, technical skills, audiovisual culture and creativity are included in the price of your wedding cameraman.

Hight quality equipment

The purchase of the equipment is not by chance, but requires research time and the carrying out of tests with rental equipment to be relevant in the conditions of filming and postproduction of the wedding film.

For example, only a camera with a full-size 35mm sensor, combined with wide-aperture lenses, can achieve a cinematographic image style and optimal image quality in low light, which corresponds to the bright conditions of the indoor ceremonies and the evening. And the camera is not everything: many accessories accompany it to ensure a fluid and reactive shooting, each of which of course has its cost. The same goes for the sound. And in order to prevent any eventuality during the shooting, the wedding cameraman takes away most of his equipment in two copies.

For editing and post-production, a very powerful computer equipped with several professional software is required to allow the film to be made without loss of quality while giving it a cinematic grain. Many hard drives are also needed to store your wedding video rushes and their security copy.

If you were looking for rates for this equipment for a single day, you might be surprised at the total price.

As in any activity

Like any other provider, the professional wedding videographer devotes time to listening to and providing accurate information about his services to the bride-to-be (e-mails, telephone interviews, meetings), to ensure the seamless production of a high-end wedding video. For this, he is also willing to customize his offer according to the specific needs of the married couple.

Similarly, in order for the bride and groom to find the right wedding videographer, the latter invests time and money to make themselves known, particularly through online marketing.

Finally, the rate for the wedding cameraman is obviously a gross rate, of which about 33% is for taxes and payroll taxes.

Last but not least

Consider the proportion of the video budget on your total budget: is it really that high? Are a hundred or two hundred euros more or less relevant when looking for quality? - Your wedding takes place only once: there will unfortunately be no second shooting possible !

Source : Thoma Rimbot - vidéaste
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