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Do you hesitate to book a wedding filmmaker ? Here are some articles on the topic to help you to make the right choices and to see the differences between an amateur and a professional. You can contact us sending an email if you have any questions about the wedding video.

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Filming a wedding with a smartphone ?

You have heard that it is possible to make a film with your smartphone. You wonder if it really is? Yes, it is! But there are limits. You will discover them below, as well as 17 tips for making a movie with your smartphone.

Limits to making a movie with your smartphone

1) The smartphone is a flat object that is difficult to hold and handle in a stable way. The plans, intended to sell you the video quality of a smartphone, are actually fixed plans where the smartphone is on a travelling rail or on any other stable medium,

2) Because of its dimensions, it does not have an optical zoom, rather a "digital zoom". In other words, to obtain a larger focal length, we increase the pixels ... which leads to a rapid degradation of the image quality,

3) The smartphone does not offer the possibility of adding filters to the lens. It also does not have the functions often offered by professional cameras and which allow quick settings in full shooting: external microphone, color temperature ... etc.

4) The smartphone does not deliver the working recording format, but rather a compressed broadcast format most of the time. However, compressed format editing will lead to quality losses depending on the number of generations of video editions,

5) Smartphone sensor size has physical limitations. This is due to the size of the lens and its thickness; which forces manufacturers to choose a compromise between the number of photosites and their size, which is a shame because we must not forget that the bigger the sensor the more light the image will take . Smartphones have very poor sensitivity

6) Also due to the size of the sensor, smartphones offer a great depth of fields. It is impossible to make a pretty blur behind the character or object on which you are making your point

7) Compared to that of a video camera, the embedded software of a smartphone does not reproduce textures as well in light and dark areas.

Now that you are aware of these limits, discover some tips for making a more controlled movie with your smartphone.

Tips for filming well with your smartphone

Before the "shooting"...

1) Design your scenario and storyboard.

2) Do a fact finding. This will allow you to identify possible difficulties for example to select a place whose ambient noise (bird noise, waterfall noise, etc.) will dress your film and not serve it.

3) Repeat what you have to say.

4) Eliminate any items that may interfere with your filming.

5) Make sure your battery can hold up.

During the "shooting"...

6) Take care of your lighting: if you are indoors, use a projector that has more power than household lamps. Make sure there is not too much shadow contrast. If you are outside, enjoy the sun. Make sure it illuminates the subject properly.

7) If you want to film yourself, it is better to call a friend to hold your smartphone in your place. Absolutely avoid the selfie mode.

8) Hold your smartphone horizontally for landscape filming.

9) Use the provided video application. It can be independent or integrated into your smartphone's photo function.

10) Equip yourself with a foot, which will have the effect of further stabilizing the image. You can also take a gyro-stabilized Gimbal-style accessory.

11) Also think of a microphone. This will get better sound takes. For this I invite you to save it on an external source.

12) Film rushes from 5 to 30 seconds. You will assemble them afterwards.

13) If you want to do close-ups on faces, make sure they last at least 3 seconds.

14) Talk, record what you have to say, but only one to two seconds after filming begins. This is the best way to avoid rough cuts when editing.

15) Make sure you have enough room in your smartphone to record your film.

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