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Do you hesitate to book a wedding filmmaker ? Here are some articles on the topic to help you to make the right choices and to see the differences between an amateur and a professional. You can contact us sending an email if you have any questions about the wedding video.

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Should we get a filmmaker for our marriage ?

Between the dress, the caterer and the photographer, the bride and groom's budget is already tight. What to hesitate about in the face of the additional expense represented by the filmmaker. And yet, it brings another dimension to the memories.

The trembling in the voice of the bride and groom at the time of the exchange of wishes, bursts of laughter, these are as many memories as the photo cannot capture, notes Amanda, author of the blog Trendy Wedding, the video is much more immersive than the photos », she continues. The music, the sound atmosphere, the movements : a film allows to fully immerse oneself in the atmosphere of this particular day as evidenced by Clémence, a young bride. At first, we thought we'd just have a photographer to capture the event. We really don't regret bringing in a professional. The video allowed us to relive or even discover moments that we had hidden in the frenzy of marriage.

The price of emotion

But all this has a price, especially if you want a quality video. Today, some filmmakers such as Weddream Productions, Pascal Delé Filmaker and Bubblerock create real films, alternating moments of emotion with music and poignant exchanges, which have nothing to envy to those of the obscure theatres. Without obviously comparison with the images of the distant cousin vaguely geek, that one could mission for the occasion. A professional videographer not only uses high-end equipment, but he masters the lights, the sound and, of course, the art of editing.

For example, at Weddream Productions, the rates start at €2,500. Some married people choose to take only a videographer. It all depends on the sensitivity of each one," explains Patricia Larcher, the founder. For this price, she delivers to the bride and groom a film of about twenty minutes and a teaser. It's a very convenient format to share, especially on social networks, says Amanda from Trendy Wedding. For guests or those who have not come, watching a teaser for a few minutes is very pleasant, it allows them to discover or rediscover the atmosphere."

Of course, this doubles the budget for souvenirs and not everyone can afford it, but if we can, it is very complementary to the photo, says Patricia. These are two very different points of view and two very different ways of working. One does not replace the other. When I got married, the first thing I wanted to watch afterwards was the video to relive all those moments, the speeches of the witnesses, our entry into the church… It really brings emotions back in a different way."

How to choose your videographer ?

As for those who would worry about seeing their day trusted by an army of technicians blocking the way of the servers with travelling rails, they can rest assured. Most filmmakers now work with small cameras or digital reflexes on a monopod and portable XS travellings. "During our marriage, no one noticed the presence of a camera," confirms Clémence.

How to choose your filmmaker? To feel. We searched for a long time because we found the classic wedding videos too stylized and sanitized. The end result depends very much on the personality, the vision, and the trust between the videographer and the bride," the bride says. Just like the photographer, the filmmaker is as close to the couple as possible all day, including in private moments such as preparations. "You have to be comfortable enough with him to be able to forget him and just be part of the set," says Larcher.

And of course, his work has to be in line with what the bride and groom are looking for. If they like reports about the lively, very natural, Kinfolk atmosphere and the videographer is a specialist in glamorous city-wedding, it is surely not the right candidate. He may be uncomfortable and he will not give the best of himself. To avoid this type of discomfort, we study well the sites and videos already made by several professionals, to see not only what types of framing they prefer, but also how they realize their montages. If we come across a video and say, "This is what I would like my wedding video to look like", no hesitation!

5 questions to ask your videographer

1. What is your experience of weddings ?

Filming a marriage requires a particular skill. It is better that it is broken. We do not hesitate to ask him how many he has covered, how long and how he has trained.

2. What type of equipment do you own ?

If he doesn't have a camera or a reflex camera, and he doesn't have a back-up camera to make up for a malfunction, we run. We also make sure that he has enough to make a good sound. A portable travelling is a plus.

3. What are your formulas ?

We are given the exact time of his presence, the number of videos he delivers, their duration, the format, as well as the type of medium on which he puts the film(s). Does he also produce a teaser? Does he do interviews with guests? Does he work alone or with a second shooter?

4. What are the deadlines ?

He is asked how long after the marriage he delivers his work.

5. What do you foresee in the event of a problem, absence or failure ?

No one is immune to Karaoke Angina. We check that he has a plan B in case of absence, but also in case of technical problems. How does he secure his data? Has it implemented a systematic system of multiple safeguards? Finally, has it taken out professional insurance ?

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