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Do you hesitate to book a wedding filmmaker ? Here are some articles on the topic to help you to make the right choices and to see the differences between an amateur and a professional. You can contact us sending an email if you have any questions about the wedding video.

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A drone at my wedding : 8 things to know

Today drones are becoming more and more popular in weddings. Strengths, disadvantages, standards to be respected. Here are 8 essential things to know before making your decision on this type of device.

While your wedding decoration is almost finished and your reception area is booked, you are looking for the ideal photographer who will capture the most beautiful moments of D-Day through original wedding photos. You want to benefit from the latest technologies to get the best possible images of your big day, from the ceremony to the wedding games that will punctuate your festivity. Have you thought of a drone for aerial shots? The advantages of a wedding from the sky are many and the idea attractive. Here are 8 questions to ask you about this type of device, not so easy to handle.

1. Do I need a professional ?

Many couples often hesitate between choosing an expert to guide the drone or leaving the mission in the hands of a family member or friend. However, for the happiest day of your life, it is advisable to hire a professional who knows the standards to be respected and who knows how to fly drones safely. Do not confuse the intervention of a drone with a wedding animation, it is a modern and ingenious way of capturing breathtaking shots that however involves risks.

2. Does the professional need to know the exact date and location of my marriage ?

It is essential that this information be passed on to the professional chosen to fly the drone. First, it will let you know if your claimant is available on the date of your marriage. Then, depending on the location of the reception, your photographer or videographer can establish a flight plan for the day and choose the best places to make your videos and photos with height.

3. Should we marry in the morning or in the evening ?

Drones can only fly in the middle of the day. Forget this device to realize the memories of your wedding night. You can use it at late hours but always before nightfall. Regarding the lack of brightness, there are some options that can compensate for this. Don't worry, your professional will find the right moments and solutions for your photos.

4. Sun or rain, does weather have a real impact ?

Unfortunately yes, because in rain, snow, thunderstorm or powerful gusts, the aircraft will not be able to take off: it could be heavily damaged and images bad. The best conditions? A clear and calm weather. If you say yes during the summer, for example, there should be no concern about the weather and therefore perfect flight conditions.

5. Country or city ?

The drone can fly over the city as well as the green spaces, which should not call into question your wedding theme or the choice of your venue. However, there are exceptions. This type of aircraft cannot fly near airports, airfields, heliports or areas intended for paragliding, ULM or parachutes.

6. Will the drone fly over our heads during the wedding ?

Drones are resourceful aircraft. They do not fly at low altitude near the heads or faces of guests and newlyweds. It should be borne in mind that they are equipped with high definition cameras, they move quickly both vertically and laterally and make spectacular effects for some.

7. How far from the pilot ?

The drone cannot be more than 500 meters from the pilot and, for safety reasons, must always be in its field of vision.

8. Do pilots have to be licensed ?

If you choose a professional company, the pilot will have to present his licence to you. For clarity, you can also ask for more details on the permits and legislation surrounding this activity.

Remember, flying a drone is not entertainment per se. Though it is spectacular, it is a full-fledged photo or video service that will not replace your photobooth or any other activity to plan for D-Day. You will therefore need to find good wedding animation ideas to amuse your guests on your wedding day without forget to call on a professional who can take the best shots of your original marriage. Why would you deny it ?

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