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Do you hesitate to book a wedding filmmaker ? Here are some articles on the topic to help you to make the right choices and to see the differences between an amateur and a professional. You can contact us sending an email if you have any questions about the wedding video.

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Wedding videos shorter and shorter

A wedding video, yes, as long as it doesn't last for hours! This is in any case what the future bride and groom seem to think, their films of the big day being always shorter. Why does the length of the D-Day videos shorten ?

Do not neglect the technique

Your wedding dress, you wish you could wear it every day. You chose it so carefully that you regret that you can only enjoy it for one day. The same goes for all your accessories starting with your wedding bouquet. The wedding preparations require a lot of effort and when you think that you will have to get your wedding decoration as soon as the evening is over, you can feel frustrated. That is why most of the married couple hire a professional photographer who will allow them to contemplate year after year original and moving wedding photos tracing the different stages of their beautiful day. But when it comes to memories, what could be more alive than a video! Wedding films are also very popular with couples, especially the shortest videos.

Three, four, five minutes, no more hour-and-a-half films, the bride and groom want a short, efficient format. Let's look at that.

A trailer format

Trailers or trailers in English are short two- or three-minute videos used to present a film before its release and to make spectators want to go to the cinema. We are becoming more and more fond of it, so it's not surprising to find this format in the area of wedding videos. The trailer is a good summary that allows to understand a film or here an event by viewing only a few selected images. This is a very fashionable format that more and more married couples want to offer for their D-Day. Indeed, some do not need to visualize their wedding room decoration to infinity and in the slightest detail. They prefer to remember an atmosphere, an impression, an emotion. That is what the short format of D-Day films allows.

Like a teaser, these short videos make you want to open your photo album again, to listen to music again, to reread a humorous wedding speech, in short, to immerse yourself in the memories of your big day !

Easy viewing

Today we tend to live a hundred an hour and be overwhelmed with activities. Our schedules don't leave much room for relaxation and long movie nights. This is how we prefer to films the series and their short format easy to slide between two appointments.

It is understandable, therefore, that many of the bride and groom have given up more than an hour's worth of wedding videos that they would probably only watch once before forgetting. A short film can be watched often and at any time without having to organize. A little blues when you see your lace wedding dress in the closet ? Hop, press play and dive back into your beautiful day !

The short format also has the advantage of being easily shared. Instead of bringing your loved ones together for an endless viewing that will bore more than one, share on social networks your teaser that will definitely be a success.

A concentration of emotions

In a wedding video of one or two hours, the emotion is necessarily diluted. The advantage of a small film, like that of Little Maskell, is, you will have understood, to concentrate all the highlights of your D-day in the space of a few minutes. It is a veritable explosion of joy that is offered to you each viewing, a sublimated focus of your beautiful wedding day.

The arrival at the City Hall in your beautiful white dress, the big yes, the exit, kisses exchanged with your loved ones, an excerpt from your original wedding ball opening, wild rocks, a bridal litter, all in the space of three minutes, impossible to resist so much happiness !

With your D-Day movie, you can enjoy this beautiful day forever. The emotion will be at the rendezvous at the time to rediscover your companion in his beautiful wedding costume or to find the happy faces of all your family and your best girlfriends in their pretty evening dresses.

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