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Do you hesitate to book a wedding filmmaker ? Here are some articles on the topic to help you to make the right choices and to see the differences between an amateur and a professional. You can contact us sending an email if you have any questions about the wedding video.

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5 Tips for Getting Your Wedding Video

A wedding video, why not ? To succeed in the film of the most beautiful day of your life (and avoid disappointment), a professional of the image gives us some advice.

Do not neglect the technique

"Say, do you want me to make your wedding movie ?" Stop ! Before accepting the generous proposal of Tonton Jean-Jacques (who will film us for free in addition, what deal), some technical considerations are necessary: what material does he have? A camcorder, a camera, a pro camera? Does it know how to use editing software ? And no, Power Point doesn't count.

Ideally, to obtain a really satisfying result, the professionals advise to hire 2 video specialists for his wedding: while the first films your "yes" moved, the second immortalizes the tears (sincere?) of your mother-in-law.

Immortalizing the great moments

"Yes, I want to!" Of course, on our wedding video, we expect to find the highlights of this great day: the opening of the ball (with the choreography we have been preparing for 6 months), the arrival of the wedding cake (with a zoom on the little figurines, above), the exchange of alliances, speeches. I'm not gonna miss it.

It is an imperative that we will have to remind Tonton Jean-Jacques: «you take care of my wedding film, okay... but I want to relive my day D as if I were there !»

Don't forget the little details

A wedding video is also used to discover the little funny/ moving/ awkward moments that the couple could not attend, because of the stress or the schedule of the D-day, often tight.

Also, brief your videographer: this one must not only focus on the «great» moments (the launch of the bouquet, the «yes», the exit of the married...) but also immortalize the little details: the guests who can't wait to enter the room, the emotional comments during the opening of the ball, the children who have fun in the garden...

Solicit (a little) the guests

The photobooth, we know. What if we modernized this trend a little by making a photobooth in video? The concept is both simple and playful: the videographer asks the guests a question (for example, "how did you meet the bride?", "what do you think they'll be like in 10 years?", "what's the recipe for a couple that lasts, in your opinion?") and they have to answer in front of the camera, like a question box. A nice idea, that changes the traditional guestbook!

If not, the bridesmaids and/or witnesses can also pass in front of the camera to make a surprise (a choreography, a speech, a mini-play) : This will be directly integrated into the wedding video... and the bride and groom will discover it a few days after the ceremony. Tears assured.

Filming also the preparations

Ideally, the wedding video should start a few days before. Armed with his old-school camcorder, Uncle Jean-Jacques follows us to the hairdresser, to the manicure, to the seamstress, during our bachelorette party... Somewhere, it is a matter of recording the stress of the preparations, which we will quickly forget when D-Day passes!

What if I called instead a pro? Uncle Jean-Jacques, he is very nice, but the video, it is not frankly his job. Also, even with the best will in the world, we may end up with blurred images, over- or under-exposed, framed sideways and we will regret it.

Hiring a videographer is definitely a budget: on average, in the Paris region, prices start at €1,600 for a day of shooting with 2 professionals, acknowledges Laure, co-founder of Dear You Prod. But it is a security: a professional videographer will know where to place himself to make the most beautiful images, will be able to enhance your wedding in editing, will capture the most beautiful moments without bothering the guests.

It's also an investment in life: the memories stay alive and the video (unlike the photos) always reflects the same emotions, even years later."

Thanks to Laure, co-founder of Dear You Prod, an audiovisual production agency based in Paris.

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