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Do you hesitate to book a wedding filmmaker ? Here are some articles on the topic to help you to make the right choices and to see the differences between an amateur and a professional. You can contact us sending an email if you have any questions about the wedding video.

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A professional for your wedding video ?

Many couples use a professional cameraman or videographer to make their wedding video. In addition to the traditional wedding photographer, having a wedding video makes it possible to keep memories intact for many years and especially to immortalize all the stages of his event: ceremonies, wine of honour, animations, reception, etc.

In addition to the photos, a wedding movie allows you to see the reactions of guests throughout the stages of your wedding. Here are some useful tips before sending a video professional.

Make a professional wedding video

Before selecting your provider, try to get references from your friends, family and loved ones. Those who have already used a professional videographer will be able to advise you on this or that provider and also, to give you useful advice. If you have the possibility of having a little choice, try to contact several providers. This will allow you to have different styles, both at the level of the realization and the shots, but especially at the level of the final assembly.

Ask to see demos in order to get a glimpse of what the provider is capable of doing and do not limit yourself to a few video clips of weddings or trailers as you can see on Youtube for example. This will allow you to ensure the final quality and style of each of the wedding videographers you have selected beforehand.

It is also important to learn about the equipment that will be used. Camera, lighting or drones for shooting at heights, make sure that your videographer knows how to be discreet and that his performance will not interfere with the celebration of your wedding. Some providers also offer animations at the beginning and end of the video, and not all are necessarily included. Ask if some options are paid for, so you will have all the cards in hand to make your choice.

You can also indicate to your pest that you would like to have interviews with your guests, on the one hand, indicating which ones and, on the other hand, when you would like some of your guests to be filmed. Some videographers are excellent in this exercise: they ask the impressions of the guests at certain times of the day (for example just after the vows of the bride and groom or during the photo booth) and can record personal messages to your attention. Finally, once all these details are settled, ask to have a final delivery date, set the payment terms before signing the contract, and make sure that the service provider will not be able to put online, In a public way, your wedding video, without your consent.

The important issues

Before you do your research to find a video professional to film your wedding ceremony, you will certainly have questions to ask them. If your service provider is a professional, he or she should also ask you a few questions:

What is the date of your marriage ?

This question seems silly but quality videographers are often reserved long in advance. Asking the date of your event is probably the first question they will ask you. A marriage video professional usually has a network of contacts. If he could not be available by the date indicated, ask him for his recommendations in order to have a replacement. This may help you avoid wasting time searching for another videographer.

What is the expected duration of your wedding ceremony and reception ?

Once again, this is an essential question that the professional will have to ask you. This will determine the price of his services but also allow him to know if he takes one or two contracts during that day, in order to support him and assist him in his mission. A professional rarely works alone because you often have to be in several places at the same time.

What would you like as a wedding video ?

Some like the videographer to be present during the preparation of the bride, others not. Preparations are often the starting point for any wedding video. Some like the videographer interviewing people, parents of the bride and groom etc… Some people just prefer that the videographer be discreet and film the ceremony only. It is important for you to clearly define your needs, your preferences and to indicate your recommendations to the professional you have chosen.

What budget do you have for the services of a videographer ?

If you have not already mentioned it to the professional, he must ask you the question. As in all sectors, you will find videographers at all prices. Several factors determine the price of the service: experience, creativity, duration, number of assistants, etc. Make sure you have the budget for the service you expect. Good advice? If you have the possibility, do not hesitate to put the price because this wedding souvenir has no price!

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