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Do you hesitate to book a wedding filmmaker ? Here are some articles on the topic to help you to make the right choices and to see the differences between an amateur and a professional. You can contact us sending an email if you have any questions about the wedding video.

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Choosing a professional videographer

Did you plan to reserve a photographer for your wedding ? This question seems completely incongruous, since today all the married people appoint an official photographer for their wedding, and, in the vast majority, call on a pro.

On the other hand, the videographer is often less unanimous, for reasons of budget of course, but also because wedding videos are less in our mores. So why a videographer (professional) ? We have questioned Pier-Yves wedding videographer for 21 years.

Why film my wedding when I already have a photographer ?

The two techniques do not have the same vocation or the same rendering. The photographic technique proposes aesthetic, but static images, which will immortalize moments. The filmographic technique proposes animated images that, thanks to the movement, synonymous with life, will further transpose the emotions of the married couple, their family and their guests.

Here are the results of a survey on this topic conducted last year by a French wedding site:

Which of the reports, photo or video, best reflects the emotion of marriage ?

Video 54%
Photo 27%
Don't know 19%

Which of the reports, photo or video, elicited the most enthusiastic comments ?

Video 38%
Photo 41%
Don't know 21%

The quality of the editing of your wedding movie is paramount, as is the selection of the photos that will compose your album. Indeed, none of your friends or family will watch the entire dinner movie, or hours of evening...

If you decide to use a videographer, ask him to make one or more montages. Ideally, prefer a short montage of the entire event, accompanied by several sequenced montages of your day's highlights: preparations, mass, cocktail, dinner and evening.

Note that our Anglo-Saxon friends prefer video, used for 5 out of 10 weddings in the United States for 1 in 10 weddings in France.

Why do you need a professional ?

We all have in mind the memory of Uncle Bertrand who spends his day behind his camcorder. Do you really think that the film will be of quality, without beats or zoom shots, and that the events that interest you will be filmed? What will you do with the six hours of raw footage?

Filming a wedding is a particular discipline: the director is a cameraman, sound engineer, lighting designer, editor, etc. which is usually not the case for all other types of films. The videographer cannot and must not start a take again. He does not ask the bride and groom. It is up to the director to adapt by being attentive and anticipating events.

Using his professional look, the videographer will know how to choose for you the most important moments of the day, make a concise and efficient editing, that will make you want to watch your film and share it!

How to choose your videographer ?

To properly choose your videographer, ask him to present his latest achievements to you, and ask him as many questions as possible to define with him what you expect concerning the duration of his presence, the people to film, specific moments to remember etc

What justifies the significant price difference ?

Professionalism : it is obvious that a professional videographer will be more expensive than a student, for example. If you choose the latter option, be careful to ensure that the provider is serious.

The activity : a professional who performs weddings every weekend will probably be cheaper, and more seasoned, but may be less original and less creative.

The hardware : don't rely on the size of the camera, today, professional cameras are the size of a camcorder. Ask especially if the professional uses recent material, and if he works well in HD, because the reference currently is the Full HD, the only format allowing to fully exploit the quality of Blue-Ray discs. Finally, some cameramen have recently used cameras (reflex cameras, equipped specifically with stabilizer, viewfinder) that give a particular coloring to your film.

Count between 600€ to 2.000€ for the presence of a single person, depending on the length of the person's presence.

Editing : Transforming raw images into an eye-catching film

Editing is the second key element of the wedding film. When you look at photos, you can move quickly to the photos that interest you less. As far as the video is concerned, the spectator is dependent on the smooth running of the film.

To set the pace of the video, the editor removes the unimportant shots, assembles and creates the sequences in order to create a sequence, such as a film script. Quality editing can take a week for the videographer.

Special effects are to be avoided: some videographers multiply the special effects, giving a loaded film, and moving the viewer's attention from the images to the effects, which, in addition, quickly get out of fashion. Have you ever seen effects in "Envoy Special"? A simple fade in sequence is enough to delineate the space-time and the place.

The ideal length of a report should not exceed 60 minutes, divided into chapters. We recommend a short montage, much easier to share with your friends.

Finally, pay attention to the medium on which the film is delivered: low-cost DVD-Rs have a lifetime not exceeding 5 years. Ask for quality media, and make copies.

The film is the mirror of emotion and the faithful reflection of what was experienced that day. The memory remains alive. Thanks to the DVD, your children, grandchildren will know how you laughed, danced, sang, cried, etc... On this important day for you, Photo and Video are essential additions!

Source : Hortense Malmezat
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