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Do you hesitate to book a wedding filmmaker ? Here are some articles on the topic to help you to make the right choices and to see the differences between an amateur and a professional. You can contact us sending an email if you have any questions about the wedding video.

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I got a videographer for my wedding !

At our wedding, we called on professionals for hairdressing, make-up, outfits (dress, jewellery, etc.), equipment rental for the sound system, the cake, the bread, the brioche etc ...

Because we and our loved ones don't necessarily have talents for everything and we also wanted quality!

But those pro, they were not at the party itself and the idea of starting, for us, was still to have only our loved ones around us for the party. So we never pretended to want to do everything ourselves but to stay in complete privacy.

In addition to the photographer, we who, at the outset, did not want a stranger to point his lens at us all day, we called on a second pro of the image: a videographer!

So I'd gotten into the habit, before I went to bed, of watching all the wedding teasers I can find online and crying like a madeleine in front of the declarations of love, the princess dresses, the first dances, the emotional eyes of parents and witnesses, etc.

Yes, I know, I'm serious, but well, if you're on this blog right now reading me, chances are you're as clumsy as I am! (...)

On those Friday nights, I never thought I'd have a videographer for my wedding, the videos of all those grandiose days that showed me that it was only done in big weddings and with the budget that goes with it. And then I thought, once again, that we wouldn't feel comfortable with another objective that follows us all day.

And then I went to Mrs. Creamy's wedding, and Mrs. Creamy had a simple, friendly, joyful, multicolored wedding and a videographer!

Now I realize that the videographer in question is really discreet. And then, I get to know him too, he's super nice and even that he's Mrs Arwen's husband. Mr Aragorn, Benjamin in real life, who got into the wedding video with Mrs Creamy.

And when I see the result of his work a few days later with the teaser, I'm amazed. You could barely see him on D-Day and yet it seems like he was everywhere.

And then, I like people who dare to go into their dreams despite the risks. I want to help them especially when they are talented. So I start to follow Entre Amystudio on Facebook. I see the videos coming little by little and I find it always more beautiful. And I'm sure the idea is making its way through my head!

If I like so much and so much watching the wedding videos of people I don't know, wouldn't it be too good to be able to do it for mine? And then it's someone I know. And the bonds between the chroniclers, it's even a friend's husband now. And I really want to support the adventure in which Benjamin embarked. And then. And then, I veeeeux.

But there is also the budget issue. A wedding video takes a lot of time and energy to do: the presence on D-Day for hours (you would work on a Saturday from 9 am to 1 am non-stop or almost?) and the hours (or rather weeks) of editing behind. So it's quite a budget that I fully understand, but I'm reluctant to add to ours.

Especially that Sir, he is not necessarily a fan of wedding images (even if he has the kindness to watch romantic comedies with me), he doesn't know Benjamin and especially he's the one who's uncomfortable with the idea of being scrutinized by goals all day.

I'm tying my brain again. It's not that we can't afford it, but I'm not comfortable spending so much money on our wedding. And I have to admit, I'm afraid of what people will think, too. I see that my dreams of little princess girl are taking up a lot of space (the simple dress being already far away.).

Am I cracking or am I not cracking ?

And then, at this time, when I ask myself, "I'm cracking or I'm not cracking" (without daring to tell the Lover), I learn that I will be working overtime for the second semester and that it will be very well paid. And here's how to tip the scales : I'll work more but I want Entre Amy'Studio at our wedding!

When I announced this new desire to the Lover (yes, yes, I am aware of it, it is a bit of a princess's whim but what was worth it.), I did not go far. But because he loves me very much and can refuse anything to my poor, beaten dog look, he said yes even if he was not very comfortable with the idea.

And finally, on D-Day, he found Benjamin very nice and above all very discreet. We talked a little while going to the photo shoot, but otherwise, we couldn't hear him and we couldn't see him. It is by looking at the photos of my friends that I see him in a corner. (because as a good pro, he does not appear on the photos of the official photographer).

And it was when I saw the teaser, then the video, that I saw that he had not lost a crumb of the ceremony, whereas I only saw the Lover !

And, during the meal, I talked to him a bit to tell him not to forget to eat but he always seemed on the bright side not to forget to film the little important detail. And it was also thanks to him that I didn't forget the entrance to the room that we had planned but that I had totally skipped D-Day until he asked me if we had planned anything !

And my fear that people would judge me for having a videographer at my wedding was totally irrational. Some people didn't see that he was filming ("Oh, there was a camera? But it really looks like a camera?") and the others thought it was a great idea, especially when they saw the teaser.

And today we have the full DVD. A 40 minutes film that sums up this beautiful day and almost an hour bonus to relive the animations and speeches. And it's so good to see those pictures again! To relive the moments so strong in church, to see how much everyone seems to be having fun, to discover forgotten moments (I had a kind of memory lapse with regard to the honorary tea and it was when I saw the video that I realized that it was really an exceptional moment).

And the Lover, who was not very motivated at the begining said to me, "You were right, what a precious document!".

Anyway, this article is turning into a big commercial for Entre Amy'Studio. But as I told you in the previous article, for all the claimants we've used for our marriage and carefully selected, it is a pleasure to support professionals for whom we have had a real crush !

It was also how we saw our participatory marriage: calling on people we believe in. Give meaning also when you draw the credit card !

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