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Do you hesitate to book a wedding filmmaker ? Here are some articles on the topic to help you to make the right choices and to see the differences between an amateur and a professional. You can contact us sending an email if you have any questions about the wedding video.

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A wedding filmmaker, indispensable ?

If you are already using one or two photographers, is it useful to hire a videographer? That's the question we had with Ben when we chose our photographer. Photo, video, for us the object was somewhat the same: keep a visual memory of our marriage.

We thought having both was superfluous ... until we saw our parents' wedding videos. In fact, the impression that a photo album leaves is one thing, that of the film is another.

As beautiful as the pictures are, they can't be as alive as a movie. It is very moving to hear the music that my mother on her father's arm went to the Houppa, the sound of my father's broken glass, and to see the family and their friends dance together to share this moment with them.

The day of the wedding passes quickly and the bride and groom are solicited at every moment. A video allows the bride and groom to be the spectators of their day and relive it in a different way. Of course, it's also a budget issue, but it's worth thinking about.

How to choose your videographer ?

As with the photographer, contact is very important. Remember that you are going to spend the most important and emotionally charged day of your life with this person, if his or her head does not come back to you, you will be stressed and disappointed with the result. It's best to meet at least once before the wedding, and if you don't live nearby or the ceremony takes place elsewhere, Skype is your best friend. Seeing oneself, even if it is only in video, allows a much more personal contact than over the phone or by email. The first videographer I had contacted seemed nice but I was very uncomfortable after a few minutes on the phone. Don't be afraid to say that you've found someone else who's more in line with what you're looking for. The quality providers will tell you themselves that if the current does not pass it is useless to see each other again.

Also watch the kind of films that the videographer makes, whether you like it or not is very personal and depends on your tastes. Please feel free to ask for examples of achievements from other marriages. Finally, compare rates. End with that, because even if marriage is a substantial budget, choosing only on the basis of price may lead you to someone who is not your match and whose outcome will be disappointing. You always pay too much for something you don't like.

The format of your wedding movie

The films that were made at the time our parents married were longer than the ones that are made today.

In recent years it has become common to favour live montages (short…) that favour frequent cuts and especially telling the story of your marriage. Put your grandchildren in their place in a few years when you watch the movie together and they won't be able to recognize the world…

You may also want to produce a short version, such as a teaser, that will cover the highlights of the day and that you can share with your loved ones.

Five questions to ask the videographer

1. How long has he been filming weddings ? 2. Can he show or send you wedding films he has made ? Above all, take the time to watch wedding videos, it allows you to get an idea, a serious videographer will want to show you his work ! 3. How long does it take him to deliver the film ? It might take some time, patience… Post-processing and editing may take some time. 4. How many copies of the film will he give you ? 5. Will he be alone or with another cameraman to accompany him?

Small final advice: if you don't have too much budget to devote to a videographer, it is better a very good photographer than a very average videographer. As an indication, the average price is 1500 euros for a cameraman. Two to have different shots. The ideal is to have a long version, a short version, a DVD or even a Blu-ray.

On the day of the wedding, think that your cameraman must be in good condition to work. As with all your other service providers, plan a meal.

Source : Sarah et Ben
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