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Your Wedding filmmaker : trust and share

A privileged witness, from preparations to the opening of the ball to the various ceremonies, the videographer accompanies you in the intimacy of your wedding. At the same time technical advisor and confidant of your emotions he will capture the highlights of your whole day.
Sacha Rives

Sacha Rives

Wedding filmmaker
Bordeaux Gironde Aquitane

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Who i am ?

"I'm living in Bordeaux and i can film your wedding in the department of Gironde (Aquitaine). If your wedding is more than 100 kilometers from Bordeaux you have to consider fees.
Contrary to many filmmakers I do not come from the professional world of the cinema. I have a scientific and commercial formation and I always exercised an artistic activity in parallel : music, drawing, photo, video ...
Today I work full-time in the captive world of the video, captations shows and creations (marriages, evjf, baptisms, birthdays).

Why did I choose the video ?

If the photography deliver an incredible emotion in the regard, the gestures or the decoration the video is more alive with movement, sounds and slow motions. Today we have a lot of materials to create great movies : stabilizers, dolly's rail, 4k format.
The editing is always a delight. We can see again rushes such as they were filmed.
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