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For the past few months you have been in the midst of planning your wedding. Wondering if it is important or necessary to use a videographer? We will try to provide clear and precise answers to the questions that the future bride and groom are asking.

Preparation of your wedding video

Why should you make a wedding video ?
How to find the right videographer ?
Should we meet the videographer before his wedding ?
How to behave on D-Day in front of the camera ?
Can I choose the mood of my video ?
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  Wedding filmmaker - Bordeaux (110)

The job of the filmmaker

Can only one person do the photos and video ?
How’s the shooting going ?
How’s the editing going ?
What are the delivery times for our video ?

Why should you make a wedding video ?

The wedding video is the living memory of one of the most beautiful days of your life. Movie scene, slowing down, close-ups, sounds, music, laughter, stares of the guests and the bride and groom. The video tells a story when the photography freezes moments of the day.

How to find the right videographer ?

No need to bring in a videographer who lives 500 km from you and who swears to you that he is the best! Also run away from any pretended professional who offers to make you photographer + videographer on the day of your wedding. So how to choose ?

Word of mouth

This is the best way to be advised by friends satisfied with their videographer! And if you’ve had the chance to attend a wedding with a videographer you may already have an idea of his behavior, his work.

Your wedding planner

Every good Wedding planner has a pretty rich address book. He or she attends wedding fairs and his or her knowledge of your expectations will be invaluable to you.

Google is your friend !

Type "wedding filmmaker+ your_city" and visit the videographers' websites. You will have examples of the videos of the different marriages they were able to film.

Sites specializing in marriage

These are not search engines. They decide who (or not) will be referenced on their pages as well as the display position. Some specialized sites can therefore promote sponsored content regardless of the quality of the work performed.

To be avoided absolutely !

Today everyone is a videographer with his thumb and index finger. But for your wedding avoid too enticing offers. Your wedding video for 500 or 600 € will systematically be amateur, undeclared and sloppy work.

Still, it is necessary that the videographer be present on the day of your wedding ...

Should we meet the videographer before his wedding ?

A first appointment is mandatory. This is the moment when you communicate a maximum of information: the date, the place, the times, the schedule, the instructions. You can also indicate a contact person (wedding planner or someone close to you) who can guide the videographer in the field to manage the unexpected.

It is also the date of signing of your contract that will guarantee you professional work with all the insurance and commitments that this entails.

How to behave on D-Day in front of the camera ?

Unlike a photographer who may ask you to stage, the job of a videographer is to be forgotten. Why ? It captures the mood of the wedding and it does not seek your gaze but true emotions.

Obviously you (or the referring person) can ask at any time to film such and such an important person or scene that would escape his attention.

Can I choose the mood of my video ?

During your meeting with the videographer you will give him information that will allow him to know you and to consider your universe. THE theme of your wedding will already be a good indicator to create a film solemn, joyful, dynamic or all in tenderness.

Of course any suggestion is welcome and the meeting is made for that.

Can only one person do the photos and video ?

Absolutely not ! Imagine the same person coming out of church with the camera in one hand and a camera in the other. Photographing or filming, you will have to choose ... or miss both performances. Some amateurs will risk to promise that they will succeed, no professional will offer it to you.

How’s the shooting going ?

There is no written script in advance. Because marriage is a living, spontaneous, unpredictable event and I can be solicited by a guest at any time. However there are some rules and automatisms that must be respected or acquired.

First rule : knowing your equipment perfectly
Being on time, staying discreet, anticipating, filming highlights, managing breaks

Second rule : check all your equipment in the morning
Cameras, lenses, memory cards, batteries, tripods ...

Third rule : organize your time and space
Being on time, staying discreet, anticipating, filming highlights, managing breaks

Fourth rule : think "editing"
Keep in mind that the scenes will have to be a film

Fifth rule : the bride and groom are the stars of the day Never forget that the purpose of our presence is to satisfy the bride and groom

How’s the editing going ?

I use Adobe Premiere CC software. On a typical wedding day (from 10am to midnight around) I get 3 to 4 hours of video for 80 GB of data ... it’s considerable! You have to watch all the scenes several times, assemble them, cut them, reorganize them until you get a first film, the report, from 30 to 40 minutes.

It is after this first stage of several hours that the artistic work begins to create the musical teaser. The choice of music will be essential to give the atmosphere, the ritme and the duration of the video. I never forget that it is this video that will make a difference and that will bring many tears of happiness.

It takes about 50 hours to produce these two videos.

What are the delivery times for our video ?

Time must be allowed. Time to do the right thing. Editing is a much longer step than filming itself. An example of a few essential steps in creating your wedding video:
  1 transfer of rushes to computer 2h   - 3h
  2 scene selection and harmonization 30h   - 50h
  3 color calibration 5h   - 6h
  4 sound management + choice of music 4h   - 5h
  5 export of the final film 2h   - 3h
  6 DVD burning or USB transfer 1h   - 2h

Of course the videographer doesn’t do all this work at once. Sometimes you have to go back to give cohesion to the final film. Allow 1 to 2 months for the delivery of your video depending on the time of year.
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