Ma video de mariage
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Your wedding video at Bordeaux (Gironde - Aquitaine - France)

Joyful, smart or elegant, you can choose the atmosphere of your wedding video. Compar to a photogaphy the video will be an alive memory of the most beautiful day of your life. You will enjoy to discover and share this moment with friends and family.

The wedding filmmaker is a craftsman of image, curious, passionate, discreet and omnipresent. The experience and the equipment are both essential to offer you a unique movie. The consideration of the wishes of the bridegrooms, the anticipation of scenes, the centring, the regulations of fuzziness and neatness, the editing and the calibration of colors make of its performance a real full artistic work.

Videos around the marriage

Far from the day whirlwind of the marriage some bridegrooms prefer to take time to pose in an atypical set in funny videos. The creativity of the bridegrooms is sometimes without limit to share their joy of living and their happiness. An original and unforgettable video !
video mariage   video mariage   video mariage

Save the date

You wish to announce your future marriage to your friends ? While a simple announcement will finish in a drawer why not showing your originality with a clip ? There is no need to be great actors. A simple "behind the scene" could be the best homemade movie of your life !

First look

A few days before we can schedule a video in the conditions of the marriage. Madam in bridal dress and Sir in suit. So you can take advantage of a quiet atmosphere before the marriage to get a delicious and personalized video.

Day after

As the "day before" you can take advantage of the idyllic landscape of the place of your marriage to film some rushes. You can make this type of video a few days after your marriage.

Trash the dress

After the marriage your bridal dress will finish in a cupboard. It will remain years there unless you overflow ideas to destroy it during a funny epic video. Contact your photographer and your filmmaker to record this highly symbolic act of the beginning of your new life.
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