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Your Wedding filmmaker in Gironde

Do not hesitate to contact me to talk about your project. It's better to reserve your date six month earlier the day of your marriage. The calendar of professionals is always organized for the following season and the availability of a filmmaker is limited.
I'm living in Bordeaux. I'm filming all the weddings in Gironde and in Aquitaine. It's possible for me to go in the departments close to Gironde with a limit of 100 / 150 kilometers. If the distance is more taken away than 150 kilometers you will have to plan expenses of hosting to the hotel.
Sacha Rives

About my cursus

Contrary to many filmmakers I do not come from the professional world of the cinema. I have a scientific and commercial formation and I always exercised an artistic activity in parallel : music, drawing, photo, video ...

Today I work full-time in the captive world of the video, captations shows and creations (marriages, evjf, baptisms, birthdays).

Why did I choose the video ?

If the photography deliver an incredible emotion in the regard, the gestures or the decoration the video is more alive with movement, sounds and slow motions. Today we have a lot of materials to create great movies : stabilizers, dolly's rail, 4k format.

The editing is always a delight. We can see again rushes such as they were filmed.

How to join me

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