Ma video de mariage
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不要犹豫,取得联系,以便我们谈到一起关于您的项目,进入一年中的日期前六个月的婚姻。 日历的专业人员始终是有组织的,下赛季的可用性是有限的。
Sacha Rives

About my cursus

Contrary to many filmmakers I do not come from the professional world of the cinema. I have a scientific and commercial formation and I always exercised an artistic activity in parallel : music, drawing, photo, video ...

Today I work full-time in the captive world of the video, captations shows and creations (marriages, evjf, baptisms, birthdays).

Why did I choose the video ?

If the photography deliver an incredible emotion in the regard, the gestures or the decoration the video is more alive with movement, sounds and slow motions. Today we have a lot of materials to create great movies : stabilizers, dolly's rail, 4k format.

The editing is always a delight. We can see again rushes such as they were filmed.

How to join me

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