My wedding video
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The wedding video will record this exceptional memory of your newlywed day. Surrounded by your loved ones, an adventure, a story, emotions engraved forever and that you will have so much pleasure to see, to see and to share with your friends and family.

Wedding filmmaker

The wedding filmmaker is an artisan of the image. The experience, the equipment and the skills will be invaluable in offering you a unique film. Considering the wishes of the bride and groom will make his performance a personalized artistic work.
camera   Sacha Rives

The wedding : one of your best day in life

You are going to put so much energy into preparing your wedding for several months while the D-Day will go by at the speed of lightning ! The wedding video is a superb and ultimate gift to you to freeze time. Think about it before your wedding so you don’t regret it later ...
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Choose the price and the service you need

Depending on your needs and your budget, I propose a range of formulas adapted to your history. The formulas range from preparations to the opening of the ball, to secular or religious ceremonies and the wine of honor of the bride and groom.
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